I have to take this study on an empty stomach. Can I have a meal right after the study?
You can eat immediately after the study, which lasts for about 2 hours. Our hospital has a restaurant and a shop, so if you are hungry, you can have a meal in our hospital right after the exam.
Can I drink a fruit juice in the morning?
No, it is not allowed to take drinks containing sugar before the exam. Non-sweet tea or black coffee is OK.
Can I take my medicines I always take?
Yes, you can take your usual medications.
Should I take a special clothes, slippers etc. to change from my regular clothing?
We will provide you with a hospital gown, so you do not have to take any special clothes with you.
Can I have my child be tested?
PET-study is not recommended for patients under the age of 18 unless there is no clinical need.
Is there a place to leave a child for a while?
There is no such a place in our hospital, that is the reason why it is not allowed to take children along. Please note that those with small children should not contact with them immediately after the test.
Can I do skiing and doing other activities in the afternoon?
There are no restrictions on any activities after the test.
Can I go in for sports (do vigorous exercise) before the exam?
It is better to avoid excessive physical exercises for several days before the study. In some cases, it may cause less accurate images and make the correct diagnosis impossible.
Is the study painful?
There is a slight pin-prick for blood test and injection. There may be some discomfort during CT and MRI examinations, because you have to remain still for 20-30 minutes without body moving. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s not recommended for people who have low back pain and can’t sleep without moving.
Are there any side effects?
Basically not.
Is that OK to be exposed to radiation?
Please be assured that the radiation dose is not enough to affect your body. You will be exposed to the radiation dose received from natural sources in one year.
Can I get a study during menses?
It is possible. Please, tell about it at the front desk.
Can I get a test if I catch a cold?
It is possible. Scanning may be difficult due to the effects of a cold. If you will have a strong cough and move your body during the study, images won`t be accurate and you should note that you can not be scanning again. You can take cold medicine.
Can you arrange a taxi to the hospital?
If you want to take a taxi, please checkmark the “taxi transfer” in the list of booking.
If a cancer is detected, is it possible to get a specialist advice?
Results will be sent to you two weeks later. Additional examinations and consultations are not included at the time of exam.
Will I get the results in the day of study?
There is a brief explanation of the PET results by your doctor, but the complete report will be available two weeks later.
Is it narrow inside PET-CT scanner? I worry if I can lie in it properly.
The study is not recommended for those people who might get claustrophobic. Please note that the payment is not refundable if the study is cancelled or if the scanning is failed due to the patient`s circumstances.
About Cancellation Policy
If you cancel your study up to one week before the appointment date, you will receive a full refund. In case of cancellation 5 days before the study, we charge a cancellation fee of 50% of payment. Cancellation fee of 100% will be charged if you cancel one day before the screening.
Changing an appointment date
The appointment date can be changed up to one week before the day of study, but you should note that it may be impossible to do due to the busy schedule. If you cancel the appointment due to the inability to change the date, you may be charged a cancellation fee according to the cancellation policy.
Can I smoke?
Smoking does not affect the results of study, so you can smoke. However, please note that smoking is completely prohibited in our hospital.
Is that OK with translation?
The result report will be in English, and communication in hospital will be mainly in English too. As for other languages, you can use the telephone translation service.
Is there a parking lot?
Our hospital has a parking lot. It is free. Parking information will be sent to you by email, so please tell about it at the time of booking.