Cancer screeing and sightseeing
in Tokachi in a day
Cancer screeing and sightseeing
in Tokachi in a day
Cancer screeing and sightseeing
in Tokachi in a day
Cancer screeing and sightseeing
in Tokachi in a day
Very accurate diagnosis in a short time.
PET Cancer Screening Inspection features
The scan is painless (the only discomfort you may feel is a slight pin puncture from a drug injection) and
provides a very accurate diagnosis in a short time.
PET-CT cancer screening is
Checkup Process


Check-in and After checking in, you will change into a special gown for examination.
You will have an orientation about all examination you will have.
There are some preparations before the examination,

Step2Ultrasound Examination

Thyroid Ultrasound
US uses sound waves to produce pictures of the thyroid gland within the neck.
It is a useful tool in the management of thyroid disorders.
Helps to detect of thyroid nodules and suspicious areas that might be cancer.

Step3Blood Test, PET preparation

Blood Test and Preparation for PET-CT scan
Screening package includes analysis of than 50 blood parameters, including tumor markers.
At the same time, before the PET scan, you’ll get tracers
(FDG - small amount of radioactive glucose)through a vein in your arm.
Your body needs time to absorb the tracers, so you’ll wait about an hour before the scan begins.

Step4PET-CT, MRI Scan

PET-CT, COMPLUTER TOMOGRAPHY, MRI PET-CT scan will show differences between healthy tissue and diseased tissue,
due cancer sells are more active that normal and absorb glucose at a higher rate.
CT scan of the abdomen and chest can give information about chest and its organs,
your liver, pancreas, kidneys, and other structures in your belly
PELVIS MRI SCAN uses magnets and radio waves to image bones, organs, blood vessels, and other tissues in pelvic region.

Step5Preliminary result

Preliminary result of PET-CT scan
At the end of examination you will get an preliminary result consultation of PET-CT scan by our doctor.

Step6Total result report

Total result report.
In 3 week we will update the result of your examination, which you can download from your member`s page after log-in.
We will inform you by e-mail, when the total report will be ready.
The example of the total report with all exam subjects of the screening package you can check here.
Report is provided in English



Blood Test,
PET preparation

MRI Scan


result report

Notification method of test results

Total result report will be notified about 3 weeks later by the following method.

Duration of the Screening
Approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes
PET Cancer Screening package price
About payment
The following payment methods can be used at the time of application.
  • paypal
  • VISA
  • mastercard
  • JCB
Inspection in the morning
Free time in the afternoon
PET Cancer Screening
Free time
Half-day inspection to enjoy free time in the afternoon.

Inspection in the morning, sightseeing in Tokachi in the afternoon Enjoy in a day.

Hokuto Hospital

Medical Examination Center

Large reception counter and reception at the lounge. Feel free to contact us as Clark will guide you.
Enhanced traffic access using railways, airplanes and highways.
Hokkaido MAP
■Distance and time by car to Hokuto Hospital
  • From Obihiro Station
    About 6km / About 10 minutes
  • Obihiro Hiroo Expressway From Obihiro Kawanishi IC
    About 4km / About 6 minutes
  • From Tomamu Resort via Doto Expressway
    About 60km / About 60 minutes
  • From Tokachi Obihiro Airpor
    About 20km / Abou 35 minutes
  • From Sapporo Station via Doto Expressway
    About 200km / About 4 hours
  • From New Chitose Airport via Doto Expressway
    About 160km / About 3 hours
  • From Kushiro
    About 120km / About 2 hours
■Time to Obihiro Station by train
  • From Sapporo Station
    About 3 hours
  • From New Chitose Airport
    About 2 hours 30 minutes
  • From Tomamu Station
    About 60 minutes
  • From Kushiro Station
    About 1 hours 30 minutes
Check if you can inspect
You should check up whether you are able to have the study or not
I'm sorry, but unfortunately I can not take the exam this time.
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